God’s Vision for Your Life

Man looking towards Heaven

God has a vision for your life. He created you with a unique blend of talents and passions. Have you yet caught this vision? Do you understand what you are to do with your life? I think we often make the mistake of trying to determine what big thing we can do, something that will have an enormous impact. Instead we should be aware of the little opportunities that surround us every day. No one needs to be famous to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. You don’t need to be in the professional ministry. I chose not to say “full time ministry”, because all followers of Christ are in full time ministry, not just those who get paid for it. Understand that we should always be doing the work of Jesus.

What are the things that break your heart? If you aren’t sure where your passions lie, simply go through the list of people that Scripture instructs us to serve. Think of the hungry, the thirsty (including those with no access to clean water), the poor, the sick, the homeless, those in prison, widows (including single mother’s), and orphans (Matthew 25:31-46; James 1:27). Perhaps, like me, it breaks your heart to see Christians who do not take seriously the mission of Christ. Read through the gospels and discover the things that upset Jesus, the things He taught against; which of those stirs a passion within you?

Once you have found what stirs you inside, it’s time to evaluate the talents and abilities you possess; how could you use those skills to do the work of Jesus in the area of your passion? Don’t think too large at this point; simply write down every way you can think of to serve others within your area of concern, then apply your gifts to those ideas. Break everything down to the smallest step possible, a bite-sized step that you can take immediately. Then, and this is the most important part, go do that task. As you continue to pile up the little efforts, you will suddenly find yourself having a huge impact on the world for the sake of His kingdom. You may think you are having an effect on only a small and seemingly insignificant number of people, but you never know who those same people might impact in turn. Be content with small deeds and trust God to multiply them in large ways.

We all have a vision to live out in the name of God. We all have a purpose in the mission of Christ. Don’t wait for the vision to discover you; instead, pursue it and embrace it when you find it. You were created to play a role that only you can fill; don’t let your life go by without discovering and relishing your vision. Ask God to reveal your passions and gifts to you and then use them for His purpose. Don’t waste your time looking for a roadmap; the way is already inside of you. Find your passion and apply your gifts to it. If you need help discovering what that looks like in your particular situation, drop me a note (tim@evenifiwalkalone.com) and we can chat about it; I’d love to help.

Imagine what would happen if millions of Christians were to start taking small steps and living out their vision. The world would be changed and every one of us would have a part in impacting all of humanity in ways bigger than we ever imagined. Live your passion and play your role. Lose yourself in the vision of God for your life and watch what He will do through you.


Question: What area(s) of passion has God given you?


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  • 4dawn

    There is more deeper level of knowing the will of G-d in us. without walking with the Holy Spirit, man knows hardly of His will in his life. There is not just live for G-d, more is to live the will of our G-d in each one’s life. The work of G-d in each individual is not only for passion, but also what G-d wants him or her to do in the things that will advance the gospel of the kingdom of G-d. Even in many areas, where we are lack of ability, strength, gifts, if it is His will for us to do, He will give us them to perform it. In addition, worldly skills can not accomplish spiritual tasks, in most it will be very merely. Only when we are trained by the Holy Spirit or G-d Himself alone, we will become his soldiers and knights who can stand with him and fight for him. That will change a person’s whole life as he or she is not living for himself or herself anymore, for the Lord is taking his /her every breath to live with His Spirit within him or her. May the Lord bless all those who trust Him and seek Him.

    • Linda Simmons

      The Lord gave me a Vision, and I guess I have been running from it. It come and go. I believe what God said. It is dealing with blind eyes open, ears being unstopped, lame being able to walk. Souls being Baptized in the name of Jesus for remission of sins. The Holy Ghost was all over everyone was speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. The Glory of God was everywhere. This was a deep vision. So many Souls where saved. Praise Jesus.