Jesus is Love

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Jesus is love. For many of us, this goes without saying. But do we really know what it means? Recently I was reading the famous “love” passage in I Corinthians 13, and it struck me I was reading about Jesus. For years, I’ve read this passage through the lens of how to better love my wife and others. As I read this time, it suddenly occurred to me this was more than a description of what love looks like in action. It was a description of Jesus Himself.

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As the embodiment of love, I Corinthians offers us a perfect description of who Jesus is. I’m confident I’m not the first to have this revelation, but even if you’ve heard this before, take a moment to re-read the passage, substituting the word, “Jesus” every time you see the word, “love”.

Jesus is patient – He never grows weary pursuing us and putting up with our missteps.

Jesus is kind – Jesus only speaks encouragement into our lives. He never belittles and never accuses.

Jesus does not envy – While it breaks His heart when we choose not to follow Him, it’s only because He so desperately wants what is best for us.

Jesus is not boastful – There is no one like Jesus. Still, He never promotes Himself, focusing His message on serving others as the highest call.

Jesus is not conceited – If ever anyone had a right to be conceited, it would be Jesus. Instead, he constantly defers all attention to His Father.

Jesus does not act improperly – At every decision point, Jesus chooses what will do the most to build the Kingdom and fulfill His mission.

Jesus is not selfish – Jesus had everything but surrendered it all to share with you and me.

Jesus is not provoked – Even Satan Himself could not provoke Jesus to act in a manner inconsistent with God. He endured temptation, insults, torture, and even death. Nothing could move Him off mission.

Jesus does not keep a record of wrongs – This is the epitome of grace. No matter what we have done, no matter what we will do, Jesus forgives a repentant heart without waverng. Better than forgiveness as we know it, He refuses to remember how we failed Him.

Jesus finds no joy in unrighteousness – Here, then, is the key to conquering sin. Find no pleasure in anything except what pleases God.

Jesus rejoices in the truth – Nothing comforts and soothes like the truth. God is truth. His world was created out of this truth. When we speak His truth, there are parties in Heaven!

Jesus bears all things – Nothing we endure is too heavy for Jesus to shoulder. No ache exceeds His ability to take it from us and put it on Himself.

Jesus believes all things – When we commit our lives to Him, He believes us without question or doubt.

Jesus hopes all things – No matter how far off track we get, Jesus is constantly calling us and cheering for us to return home. He is always there to show us the best direction for our lives. He wants the best for us even more than we do ourselves.

Jesus endures all things – Nothing can separate us from the hand of Christ; no angels, no demons, no enemy, and no danger (Romans 8:3-39).

Jesus never ends – He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He is ever consistent, and ever present.

Jesus is love. Knowing what this means implies this is who we as disciples must become. How great is the love of our Savior? It is so great we can do nothing other than live as He lived to show our gratitude and reverence to Him. Jesus is love. Let’s go and be the same.