Bored With Everything But Jesus

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I’ve got a problem and no idea how to solve it. I’m bored with everything but Jesus. As my relationship with Him has developed, I increasingly find myself growing out of other interests. When I’m spending time talking with Him, studying Him, or simply reflecting on Him, I am content. Nothing else satisfies any more.

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Now, a quick disclaimer: I am not in any way saying I spend all my time focused on Jesus or implying I have transcended sin and temptation. I still fall. A lot. It’s a frustrating, but true, dichotomy in my life. Having said that, the fact remains I’ve become bored with everything but Jesus.

Being bored with everything but Jesus makes the mundane things of this life maddening. No matter what else I’m doing, I’d rather be spending time with Christ. Yes, He’s with me wherever I go, but too often this still means my focus is split. I must pay the bills, which means I spend a large portion of my time at a job which doesn’t revolve around Jesus. I have responsibilities to my wife, family, and friends. Many things clamor for my attention, and when I put my focus there, it’s not on Christ.

I always envied (not great, I know) those who could say they were “wrecked” or “ruined” by Jesus. I wanted to feel similarly. Perhaps this is what I’m beginning to feel. Nothing in this world holds much fascination for me any longer. But Jesus is all together amazing. He’s all I want to think about, and every moment I’m not, I get frustrated and bored.

Don’t misread this as me not having feelings for anyone else. I love my wife, my dogs, my family, and friends. I remain driven by compassion and generosity. To me, these are all natural outpourings of my relationship with Christ. It’s all the other noise of life that brings me down and bores me to the verge of tears. I simply do not understand how anyone finds satisfaction pursuing anyone or anything other than Jesus.

So, what do we do when we reach the point of being bored with everything but Jesus? As I admitted in the beginning of this post, I don’t know. I’m struggling with it. I’m sure I’m missing something. If anyone has figured this out, please leave a comment and help a brother out!

While in some ways I see being bored with everything but Jesus as a problem, I have to believe the converse is even truer. If you aren’t bored with anything other than Jesus, you may want to ask yourself why. Nothing in this world compares to Jesus. Everything is a pale and imperfect reflection of the One who created it. Everything we do or pursue in this world is a vain attempt to fill the God-shaped emptiness pervading our souls. Why not pursue the only One who can fill this hole? When Jesus is our all in all, we will want for nothing. We will not desire anything in addition to Him. But be warned; there is a great frustration that comes with being bored with everything but Jesus. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.