Father’s Day

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As I write this, it is only a few days until Father’s Day will be celebrated here in the United States. This holiday affects people in different ways, depending on their situation or upbringing, but few are emotionless about it. For those whose fathers’ have passed away, this day probably brings mixed emotions of joyful memories and sorrowful realities. Some never knew their father, and for these there can be an ever-present emptiness.

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Unfortunately, there are those who have fathers who were abusive in one way or another and, as a result, Father’s Day is a day of bitterness. To those like myself who had good fathers who are still with them, it is a day of celebration of years past. But to all who profess Jesus as their Lord, we have something even more important to celebrate: the love of our Heavenly Father.

I am a strong advocate of honoring our earthly Fathers. We are, after all, commanded to do so (Exodus 20:12). Still, our Heavenly Father is far more worthy of our honor and praise. While we might bear a physical resemblance to our birth father, our spiritual DNA was imprinted by God and He formed us in His very image. Dad may have worked to make money to buy food for dinner, but God created the very food we consume. In fact, there is nothing made that wasn’t made by God (John 1:3). Nothing man assembles would be possible if God hadn’t first created the building blocks required for its assembly. I’d say this fact alone makes Him the coolest Father ever!

No matter how loving your earthly father was towards you, the love of God is far greater. It’s so much greater in fact, our minds can’t even come close to comprehending it. Dad may have forgiven us when we got in trouble at school, but our Heavenly Father forgave us for every sin we ever thought about or did. Perhaps your dad actually died for you. If so, that’s amazing; it’s a true example of him modeling the life of Christ. Our Heavenly Father, in the form of Jesus, laid down His life not only for you, but for every person who ever lived. That’s taking it to a whole other level.

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate our father’s. If you are fortunate to still have them with you, make certain you do. If your father was not a good person, remember outside of Christ, you aren’t either. Perhaps it’s time to forgive them as Christ forgave you. Some have suffered wounds so deep at the hands of their father’s forgiveness may seem impossible. I ask you to consider the atrocities your Heavenly Father suffered on your behalf. There is no greater love than this. He died for you and He died for your father, no matter what they may have done.

So, two things I’d like you to consider today. First, remember your Heavenly Father. Spend some special time with Him today. Thank Him, love Him, and worship Him. Second, tell your earthly father you love them. Forgive them because you know Jesus would. If they are far from God, tell them Jesus loves them. The love of Christ can heal all wounds. I realize it’s much easier said than done, but God’s power and love can do the impossible if you submit to Him. To every father reading this, happy Father’s Day! Live in the example of your Heavenly Father and love your children. Love God as He loved you, and love everyone else the same (John 15:12; Mark 12:30-31).