Right Now

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Right now is happening directly in front of you, but you probably don’t even recognize it. We’re constantly being caught unprepared to deal with the moment before us. Instead of proactively approaching each day looking for opportunities to build God’s Kingdom, we spend our time reacting to whatever may come. “Right now” occurs over and over each moment we live.

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Each of those moments is an opportunity to either build or tear down God’s Kingdom. Each of those moments is an opportunity to do the things God has told you to do, to be the person He created you to be or to forever be wasted. Right now, we get to choose which it will be.

Right now, you have one less breath to breathe, one less day to live. It’s an ongoing phenomenon, and the longer it takes us to recognize and understand this, the less effective we will be for the Kingdom of God. The issue is we as a people tend to think we are somewhat invincible. We’d probably never say such a thing out loud, but we live as if it’s true. While we all recognize death will come, it’s generally seen as something further down the road. For most, death is not imminent; but in truth, each of our lives could end in the next instant. Right now is the only guaranteed time we have. How should we spend it?

Right now, it’s too late to change what you did or didn’t do in the past. It’s over. Time to let it go. The more time you spend in the past, the less you have to spend right now. The future is before you. You have a say in how it develops. In fact, God longs to collaborate with you in defining what the rest of your life will look like. Right now, you can leave the past behind, but only if you stop living in it.

Right now is a good time to stop living selfishly and begin living only for Christ. If right now isn’t the right time, when will it ever be? When determining to make any change in your life, saying “tomorrow” or “next week” is easy. Beginning the change right now is hard. The good news is you were created to do hard things. We were never promised an easy life. Jesus assured us we’d have trouble until He returns and restores all things to the perfection of His original creation (John 16:33). The truth is, most of our troubles are self-inflicted and could be avoided if we kept our eyes on Him instead of our own selfish wants and desires.

Right now, you have a choice to make. You can continue life as it’s always been, or you can choose to live another way. You can choose to dedicate every remaining breath to God’s Kingdom. You can decide to stop living for yourself and to begin serving others. It’s all in front of you, right now. The only thing undetermined is how you will respond to the gift of the moment in your hands. Right now is happening; what will you do with it?