Make Tomorrow Today

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Until we make tomorrow today, I am convinced we will die the same (or worse) as we are right now. As a people, we are notorious procrastinators. Some are worse than others, but we all have an uncanny tendency to put off those things we deem uncomfortable or difficult. It’s true in all areas of our lives, but nowhere are the results more devastating than in our walk with Christ. How many times have we resolved to read through the Bible… next year.

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Perhaps you committed to getting up 30 minutes earlier for some quiet time with God, but since it was already Wednesday, it seemed wise to wait until Monday to kick off the new habit. Or maybe you determined praying with your spouse or best friend would be a great idea, so you promise you’ll begin doing this tomorrow. The trouble is, tomorrow never comes. Until we make tomorrow today, we will forever be adrift in our wishes, dreams, and best-laid plans.

Procrastination keeps us from moving forward. It robs us of victory and joy. The reason you are where you are today is because of what you did or did not do yesterday. Yesterday you chose whether to keep tomorrow at bay or to make tomorrow today. Today you will need to make the choice all over again. Drawing closer to God is a choice. We choose whether we will make this the focus of our lives. We choose to live devoted to Jesus or devoted to ourselves. When we choose ourselves, we reject Christ. Is what you have planned so important as to make it worth the cost of turning your back on Jesus?

Has any tool in the devil’s toolbox worked more harm than procrastination? What if we decide to tell a friend or relative about Jesus tomorrow and they die today? What if we determine tomorrow we will give some cash or a warm coat to the homeless person we pass every day… and they succumb to the weather tonight? What if we shake off the plea for help, figuring we’ll do it tomorrow, only to find we never see the person again? Unless we make tomorrow today, we at best lose the opportunity to be and receive a blessing. At worst, we may damn someone to Hell.

Why don’t we make tomorrow today? To say it more truthfully, why won’t we make tomorrow today? We choose, every one of us, to live like Jesus today or put it off until tomorrow. And make no mistake, tomorrow may be too late. In fact, tomorrow will be too late. Sure, you may get a second chance, but you’ll never recover the opportunity you threw away today.

Do you want your life to be marked by action or procrastination? Will you say “yes” to Jesus when He calls on you? Will you do it every time without delay? This is the life to which we are called. Jesus never told us to begin tomorrow. When He says, “Follow me”, we either do so immediately, or we miss out (Luke 9:59-62). The life you’ve been given comes with a choice: Follow Jesus or leave Him where He is. Don’t put off until the future what you know needs to be done right now. Make tomorrow today.