Doesn’t Matter Anyway

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Reading the incredibly inspirational story of Kyle Maynard, I was blown away. Kyle was born without arms or legs, yet he has lived an incredible life. He has climbed mountains unassisted, won wrestling championships, and competed as a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. How does one do such amazing things? Where do they find the discipline and resolve to hone the abilities to do so?

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image © vitaliy_melnik via Fotolia

Someone like Kyle silences all our complaining and whining. He makes our biggest frustration look minuscule by comparison. I don’t know if Kyle is a follower of Jesus or not. But if he isn’t, sadly, none of his accomplishments count for anything. Without Jesus, no matter what we do, it doesn’t matter anyway.

It’s humbling to know no matter how great our achievements, they mean nothing outside of who Jesus is to us. The greatest person in the world is nothing without Jesus. We are nothing without Jesus. Only Jesus matters, nothing else. We put significant time and effort into building brands and empires. Many dedicate their lives to getting everything they can out of this life, but to what end? For what are they striving? All their money, all their possessions, every one of their relationships will mean nothing when they die. It simply doesn’t matter anyway.

So many reject Jesus and I’ll never understand why. Without Him, nothing counts. Nothing matters. Nothing is worthwhile. I understand the craving for “more”, but it’s an insatiable beast. When we get more, all we want is more. It’s self-defeating and can never, by definition, be acquired. Someone will always have more. I know some in the endless pursuit of more claim to be content and even happy. Many others don’t. The truth is they are all still seeking the thing that will make them whole.

When you give everything to Jesus, the most amazing thing happens. You suddenly get it all. You don’t just get more, you get all! Jesus will fill the empty longing in your soul, the one no relationship, no amount of money, or any achievement has ever filled for you. What you’ve been seeking is found in Jesus, and in no one and nowhere else. All the other stuff you’ve been piling up? It doesn’t matter anyway.

So, if what you are pursuing doesn’t matter anyway, why are you still running after it? Don’t gain the world only to lose your soul (Mark 8:35-37). Don’t trade a few years for eternity. That’s a bad deal, and anyone can see it’s true.

What’s keeping you from surrendering your life to Jesus today? Is it pride? Were you burned by a so-called Christian in the past? It’s time to let it go. The only decision that matters is what you will do with Jesus. There may not be a second chance to surrender to Him, but you have this moment right now. Whatever you are afraid of losing, remember it doesn’t matter anyway. There is only Jesus. Surrender to Him today.