You Need Jesus

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I read a great quote from Louis Giglio: “Jesus doesn’t give you what you need; Jesus is what you need.” I think we often miss this point in our self-sufficient society. We don’t necessarily tend to think about the help we need, we only think of the stuff we need. There’s always something more we think we need to make us happy. We’re always one step away from being fulfilled.

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The common thread is we have this seemingly insatiable hole inside. We can’t seem to ever figure out what will fill it. Nothing makes the ache go away for good, so we settle for temporary substitutes hoping someday one of them will last. If you are tired of chasing after what you think you need and want, you can relax. The answer is simple and immediately available: you need Jesus.

If we’re honest, we spend a significant part of our time in prayer asking for things we hope will heal the ache in our souls. We’re going about this all wrong. We’re looking for something to fill us up when we already possess the only One who can. Everything we desire is found in Jesus. Do you want rest? Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary (Matthew 11:28-30).” Are you tired of fighting and want a little peace? Jesus said, “My peace I give to you (John 14:27).” Is it wealth you are seeking? Jesus said His Father has possessions we can’t even imagine and we are heirs to it all (Romans 8:16-18). If significance is your goal, what better legacy to leave than to spend eternity in the presence of God (John 14:1-3)?

Everything we desire is found in Jesus. The reason for this is we were created in His image. When He is our Lord, we desire what He desires. His wants, hopes, and dreams, become ours. What do you think Jesus wants? He wants faithful, obedient men and women who take the good news of God’s love and character to those who have never heard (Matthew 28:18-20).

We have everything we need in Jesus. He told us not to worry about what we would eat or drink (Matthew 6:31-33). He said, “don’t worry about what you’ll wear; He even told us not to worry about tomorrow because He had it under control (Matthew 6:34). He is the ultimate and only cure for anxiety. You don’t need pills or meditation. You need Jesus.

When was the last time you realized you already have everything you need? Odds are, the thought rarely if ever crosses your mind. It doesn’t make it untrue. Jesus is all you need. There is no hope outside of Jesus. Anything you gain outside of Christ is useless and will pass away. It’s temporal. Jesus is eternal. Why clutch onto things destined to fail when you can grab hold of the King of the Universe? He’s already reaching for you. He’s offering everything you need. You need only accept the gift and accept His Lordship over your life. He’ll take care of the rest. You pretend life is all about acquiring what you want. You’re wrong. You know what you need. You need Jesus.