Jesus is Risen

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Long-time readers know Easter is one of the few times of the year I write something time-specific. My hope has always been the articles on this web site will live for years outside of any context, but be helpful to someone whenever they might come across it. Easter is special. It’s my favorite day of the year. It’s the most important day in history. Christmas may have brought God to earth in the form of a man, but it’s Easter which proved He was indeed God and provided the only way to an eternity of peace and joy in the presence of God.

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As I write this, Easter is almost a month away; when this post first publishes, Easter will have been yesterday. But the feelings I have about Easter are already about to burst from within. Truly it is good to remember at any time Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed!

This has been a special year for me, and the run-up to Easter has been one of incredible growth in my own spiritual life. It lands right in the middle of a personal ninety-day challenge to become healthier both spiritually and physically and to ramp up my writing career. I’ve seen significant results in all areas and am thankful for how God is using this period.

Certainly, the momentum of those achievements has me in an outstanding frame of mind, but it’s the time I’ve been spending in God’s presence which has made this season extra special. I’m receiving rich instruction from A.W. Tozer, Matthew Kelly, Christine Caine, and Alicia Britt Chole each morning. I’m also spending more time in both prayer and Scripture every day. To be honest, I think I may be becoming obsessive and addicted to my time with God. Time passes in the blink of an eye and I am reluctant to leave His presence. All the while, I continue to have to get up earlier and earlier to accommodate the time I want to spend with Him (As a true night owl, I try not to dwell on this too long as I begin to get queasy!).

I don’t tell you these things to boast or for you to have any sort of admiration for me. Trust me, I’m not worth being admired in any way. I tell you this because far too many of us ignore the opportunity we have to spend time with our Creator and Lord every day. Jesus is risen! He is available to you. He is not dead, buried, or gone. He is alive and very well.

Jesus is risen! Do you believe it? Are you taking advantage of it? You can talk to the Master and Creator of all living things. Jesus has always been, is now, and will be forever. Don’t you want to take advantage of such knowledge in your life? Better still, the One who laid down His life for You is waiting to talk to you. He wants you to know Him better. He wants you to experience His love for you. What are you waiting for? What is it you have to do that you find more important?

Jesus is risen. Easter has come. The Savior has defeated death and you need no longer fear anything. Jesus has risen so you might have eternal life with Him. Jesus has risen to rescue you. This is the best news you will ever hear. This is the best time of the year! Celebrate Jesus. Make time each day to just be with Him. He’s available and waiting for you. He loves you. Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed.