Leave Nothing Undone

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While some would accuse me of having a fascination with death, I would argue the typical Christian does not long for it enough. There is no morbidity with my fascination. I would just rather be with Jesus than here in this world. It should be the ultimate goal of every one of Christ’s disciples. If we wouldn’t rather be with Him, what’s the point of following and giving up everything for His sake? Until that day arrives, we have work to do here.

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Each of us was created with the talents, skills, and passions required to further the mission of Christ. The issue as I see it is we don’t have the will to do the work He gave us to do (Ephesians 2:10). Each of us should desire to leave nothing undone, but we love this world too much to have the appropriate amount of urgency to accomplish our work.

Simply put, we don’t long for heaven because we love this world too much. If our eyes were fixed on Jesus, our only desire would be to be with Him. I heard a message from Craig Groeschel where he encouraged believers of Jesus to leave no words unsaid, no deeds undone, and no hope unshared, because our time is short. We will die one day, and we should look forward to meeting Jesus face to face. This fact should instill a sense of urgency to complete what we have to do while we still have time.

Leave no words unsaid

Never miss an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus. If you knew you would die tonight, would you shy away from telling your spouse, sibling, friend, or coworker about Jesus? I’ve got news for you: you might very well die tonight. None of us knows when it will be our time. We can’t afford to wait for the right moment to tell someone about Jesus. We can’t wait to offer the apology, to ask forgiveness, or to tell someone we love them. There may be no other opportunity than now. This can’t keep. Say the words and leave nothing undone.

Leave no deeds undone

We’ve all got things we’re saving to do “someday”. We have no guarantee of someday. We have only today. What is it God has put on your heart to accomplish? For what are you waiting? The perfect time will never arrive. Circumstances will always be challenging. If God has placed something on your heart, it’s time to get it done. No more fooling around. Do the work and leave nothing undone.

Leave no hope unshared

Beyond your circle of friends, there is a world dying without Jesus. You know the truth. You have the hope. What is it you could do to share it with someone else? What could you do to alleviate the suffering of another? Could you sponsor a child in a far-away country and provide them the opportunity to know Jesus? Could you go and serve in that country? Could you partner with a group to rescue someone trapped in slavery? Could you offer them the freedom you know? We are so comfortable and spoiled. What will be our answer when Jesus asks what we did with the resources He entrusted to us? Go. Give. Leave nothing undone.

Leave nothing undone. Time is short and growing ever shorter. What conversation have you been putting off until later? Have it now. What is it you know needs doing but are waiting for the right time or for someone else to do it? Do it now. What do you have that someone else doesn’t? Are you so selfish and naïve to believe if you don’t share the hope and love of Jesus with another that someone else will? Don’t take such a chance. Share what you know. Long for Jesus. Long to meet Him. Until then, leave nothing undone.