Today is a Gift

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Today is a gift, but one most of us never discover. We use it, but rarely take notice of it. It comes and it goes, and our life passes by along the way. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer once wrote, “The day was God’s first creation, something miraculous and mighty in the hand of God. For us the day has completely lost its creaturely and wondrous nature.

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We use it—and abuse it—but we don’t accept it as a gift. We don’t live it.” None of us knows how many days will be gifted to us. Some will have more than others, but we never know until they’ve all been counted. At that point, it’s too late to matter.

What if we embraced each day like the gift it is? Can you imagine the difference in energy it would bring to our lives? Today is a gift which you can use to love your spouse better than yesterday. It’s an opportunity to treat others with more compassion and generosity. And today is a gift that, if used appropriately, will go on giving for the rest of someone else’s life. In what ways could you use today to make such an impact in the life of another?

We cannot deny today is a gift. Look at all we can do with it! Not only is today a gift for us, it should also be a gift from us. Today could be the day you tell someone about Jesus. Today might become the day you use to alter the course of someone else’s life. Don’t waste the beauty of this gift. What would God have you do today to maximize its value? If you don’t know, ask Him. It has been God’s plan from the beginning to partner with His creation to bring His Kingdom down to earth. What might you do today to bring this vision a little closer to reality?

Do you view today as a gift in your life? If not, perhaps it’s time to take another look. Jesus has granted you this day to commune with Him, to glorify Him, to serve Him, and to point someone to Him. There is so much possibility, it’s difficult to know where to begin! But begin we must, for this gift expires at midnight. When the day ends, the gift disappears. All that remains will be what we have done for God. All else fades away. If you make the mistake of wasting the gift, find hope in the realization you may be given a new gift tomorrow. We have no guarantee of this, but we must be prepared.

Today is a gift. We should be thankful for its beauty and its possibilities. We’ve been given this day to see how much we might extract from it before it disappears. We can’t touch it, feel it, or taste it, but today is the most amazing gift we will ever receive. Let’s be thankful for it! Let’s make the most of the gift entrusted to us by God Himself. Today is a gift for you, given in love by your Savior. How will you use it?