Vision, Faith, and Courage

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Outside Union Station in Los Angeles is a plaque reading: Vision to See / Faith to Believe / Courage to Do. I love that. It’s a great encouragement to me as I seek to follow Jesus. When we set out to do something in His name and to further His mission, it is His vision guiding us. He can see so much bigger than we could ever dream. No matter how grand our vision, God’s is always so much more.

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image © ntwadumela via Fotolia

When you think your dream is too big, remember God is saying it’s not big enough. How ridiculous is it to think we might be dreaming too large for God? What exactly is it we think He can’t accomplish? He is able and willing to do whatever we ask and immeasurably more when we are doing it for His glory and His purposes (John 14:12-14; Ephesians 3:20-21).

Sometimes I think having a vision is the easy part. A vision feels empowering, looks nice on our walls, and helps give us a sense of purpose. But a vision without action is only a dream. If we aren’t moved to do something about the vision, it becomes a useless platitude, destined to pile up with the millions of others throughout time. What we lack is the faith to believe our vision can come to fruition. We lack the faith God can use us to bring it about. Why would God give you a vision He knew could not be accomplished? It makes no sense.

If God has granted you a vision to further His Kingdom, He will accomplish it through you if only you will have the faith to do the work and persevere until it is done. The issue most have is they give up too soon. They surrender before the fight is over. What if Jesus had given up before the cross? He knew His mission. The vision of redemption was too strong to ignore. He trusted the Father, and He refused to turn from His path. Jesus carried His vision until He could say, “It is finished.” If God gives you a vision, have the faith to see it through.

Of course, the vision will fail and our faith will wane if we do not have the courage to do whatever needs to be done to turn the vision into reality. Visions are wonderful, faith is empowering, but acting is scary. Exercising our faith is far more daunting than just believing. Proving our faith is going to take a tremendous amount of courage. Jesus has your back here as well. Ask Him for courage and trust He will supply it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Will what you are about to do kill you? If not, it’s worth giving it a shot. Remember, God is on your side. You can do this.

God-given visions are too big for us but it doesn’t matter because they aren’t too big for Him. Vision, faith, courage – these are hallmarks of a disciple. Jesus modelled them all in His life. He has empowered you to do the same. He has given you a vision because He wants to work through you. He wants to collaborate with you, not leave you hanging out to dry. Jesus said whatever we asked for in His name, He would do. When we ask in His name, it means it aligns with His character and His mission. If you have such a vision, have faith it will succeed. Have the courage to do whatever scares you, and get it done. Vision, faith, and courage; what will you do for the Kingdom today?