Know No Fear

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Reading Christine Caine’s latest book, “Unexpected”, I was struck by the following phrase: “We cannot shrink back in fear and go forward in faith at the same time.” This is a truth we might know on an intellectual level, but we do not live it out well. So much of what we could do for Christ is hindered because of our fear. We’re afraid to move forward, afraid to look like a fool, afraid to be judged, afraid to lose our stuff, and at times even afraid for our physical well-being.

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Some of these fears are rational, but most are not. Ultimately none of them make sense because Jesus is bigger than all our fears. He has defeated the enemy and every evil which could come against us. Jesus is love, and He fully demonstrated this on the cross. Love drives out fear (1 John 4:18). It cannot coexist. When we trust fully in Jesus, we will know no fear.

Until we know no fear, we will not be able to accomplish all God has for us. I recognize this is far easier to say than do. If you are paralyzed by fear, moving forward does not even seem to be an option. In your own strength, you are correct. Fear is one of Satan’s favorite tools. He knows a dose or two of fear can go a long way. When we fear, we are not depending on God’s strength; we are focused inward, trying to figure out how we can overcome – or more likely avoid – the thing of which we are so afraid. A single drop of the blood of Christ is all it takes to annihilate fear. While one drop is all it takes, but you have been covered, saturated, and flooded with the blood of Christ. It is the ultimate antidote.

The blood of Jesus destroys fear, it cuts it away, and casts it aside. If you are in Christ and feeling afraid, you are being deceived by an illusion. Fear cannot stand in the presence of love. Since Satan can’t make you afraid, he deceives you into believing you are afraid, which makes our fear even more ridiculous. It’s not there; it’s simply a lie of Satan. The only way he can get us to swallow the deceit of fear is to get us to take our eyes off Jesus. When we are steadfast in our focus on Christ, we will know no fear.

You can know no fear. You can do everything which Jesus has called you to do. By keeping your eyes on Jesus, you can overcome the challenge before you, move the obstacle in your path, and endure the suffering you face. There is nothing you cannot do through the power of Christ that reigns in you. His blood courses through your veins. His thoughts and wisdom fill your mind. His courage beats in your chest. The blood and love of Jesus covers you in all circumstances. We need only keep our eyes on Christ and remember every enemy has already been defeated by Him. Every battle we face is already His if we will only trust and believe. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, we can accomplish anything for His glory. When we focus on Him, we will know no fear.