Life is an adventure

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Life is an adventure. We don’t know if this adventure will be long or short. Like all great stories, we often do not know what will happen next. While we may not know the path to reach the end, we do know the ending is wonderful, satisfying, and unequivocally worth the journey. One need only look at the life of Jesus to recognize our lives will never be dull.

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So little was recorded about Jesus’s time on earth, but look how much life is packed into the few pages of details we are blessed to have. As we endeavor to follow in His footsteps, how can we conclude anything other than the fact our life will be an amazing adventure?

From the humblest and most scandalous of beginnings, Jesus rose to become the most significant figure in all of history. Even those who reject who He is and that He lived are impacted by the life of this man. Our Western calendars are based on His birth. His teachings form the moral code for those who don’t even recognize from whence it came. His sayings permeate our everyday lives. What sort of adventure leads one from such an underprivileged beginning to the height of accomplishment and recognition? Without a doubt, His life was one grand adventure.

Because we have chosen to follow Christ, our life is an adventure as well. He will lead us places we would never go on our own. The spirit of Jesus within us will empower us to accomplish things we could never imagine. Most want to live an adventurous life, even if they are too shy and risk-adverse to admit it. No one dreams of huddling safely in their homes until at last they die. We weren’t designed this way. Each of us has been created in the image of God, and God is an adventurous being in the highest sense of the word. All of life is an adventure and all His creation is teaming with adventure. He invites you to be part of it.

The only way to not live an adventurous life is to refuse to follow Jesus. If you commit to following Him, I promise you, your life will be an adventure. This is how we should want it to be. If your life is boring, perhaps you have taken your eyes off Jesus. Or maybe you think your life is exciting enough as you chase your own hopes and dreams. Anything you can imagine will not hold a candle to what Christ has for you. If you think life is an adventure without including Christ in it, you should see what a life spent following Him will look like!

What’s holding you back from living an adventurous life? To put it plainly, what keeps you from surrendering your life to Jesus? Life with Christ will never be dull. It won’t be a buzzkill. You were designed to pursue and partner with God. This is your destiny. Don’t fight it. Give in to your calling. Life is an adventure. Don’t waste it. Live it to the full.