Not Playing Anymore

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A couple of days ago I told the Lord I’m not playing anymore. I’m done with the pathetic commitment I’ve demonstrated in my life. No more. I’m done. I can’t take it anymore. There is Jesus and nothing else. I’m tired of living life as a split-personality, living for Christ one day, and for myself the next. Have you ever come to this point in your own life?

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There comes a moment when you recognize you are either going to live for Jesus or you aren’t. We can’t do this thing half-way. We’re in or we’re out; We are for Him or we are against Him. There is no middle ground. There has never been, and if we continue to live like there is, we are only fooling ourselves.

I’m done with pretending and have never been more serious. I’m not playing anymore. I don’t want to live a mediocre life or cling to a mediocre faith. If you are with me in this, it’s time to draw a line in the sand. We’re not going to cross back over, and we’re not going to let Satan intrude past it. There is a way to live, and we know what it is. More accurately, we know Who it is. Life outside of Christ is mere existence. It might look comfortable and glamorous, but it’s worthless. It’s temporary and misinformed.

We know the truth. We’ve got to live for things that matter, things that will last long after we’ve passed on from this earth. It’s not about legacy. It’s about holiness and truth. Only those things we do for Jesus, His glory, and His Kingdom matter. Everything else is garbage. Jesus matters; comfort, safety, and pleasure do not. God sent His Son to redeem us to Himself. We were not created to live our lives in opposition to Him. Yet we live our lives as if He either does not exist or is irrelevant.

Look at your life. Look how you spend your time and your money. Examine where your thoughts tend to linger. My bet is you will discover, as I did, our efforts to live a Christ-like life are pathetic at best. Seriously? This is the best we have to offer the One who gave His life in exchange for ours? Is this really all we’ve got to give? It’s beyond sad; it is utterly unconscionable.

Now I’m not playing anymore. I’ve had enough and I refuse to continue to live my life as a ridiculously shallow and ineffective representation of the all-powerful, all-loving, all-amazing God and King. This life is it. It’s the only shot we get at this thing before facing our Creator. You can continue living as you are, but I’m done with it. Deep down, aren’t you tired of pretending you are committed to Christ while continuing to live for Satan? That’s who we truly serve if we are living selfish lives. It was selfishness and vanity that took down Satan in the first place. And now we are following in his footsteps. It’s not too late to break free. It’s not too late to throw ourselves hopelessly into the arms and will of God. It’s time.