What Matters Most to You?

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What matters most to you? Before you answer, you may want to review your last couple of days, weeks, months, and maybe even years. Would your actions leading up to today support your answer? I am guilty of allowing life to roll on too quickly without taking the time to make certain I’m not simply be dragged along with it.

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If you aren’t intentional about the way you are living, what difference does it make what’s most important to you? Unless you are living life on purpose you won’t be doing what matters most to you. That’s no way to live. We all want our lives to count, to mean something to someone. As followers of Christ, we all want our life to matter for the Kingdom.

So, what popped into your head when I asked what matters most to you? I hope it was Jesus. That’s the only correct answer. There’s no option, B, C, or “all of the above”. There is only Jesus (Pro tip: He is the answer to every question!). Unfortunately, for most of us, we probably at best have a life not supporting our answer of Jesus, or at worst had a different answer. Truth be told, I have a decent amount of respect for those honest enough to admit what matters most to them is something other than Jesus. At least they are not living a hypocritical life. It’s a dangerous life, putting anything else above Christ; but perhaps it is slightly less dangerous than living an inconsistent, lukewarm life that will ultimately result in Jesus spewing them out of His mouth (Revelation 3:16).

If your life says you are living for something other than what matters most to you, why is that? What can you do to live more consistently in regard to what matters most to you? Don’t just read these questions and go on with your day. Take the time to think about them and even write down your answers. Then act on that plan! If Jesus is what matters most to you, then this should never change. What can – and should – change is how you express this fact in your life.  My father used to have a card on his desk that read, “If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” It’s a great litmus test. If we aren’t living our life as the hands and feet of Jesus, then we are literally playing with fire and risking the eternal destination of our soul.

What matters most to you? I pray it is Jesus. If so, does your life reflect this as truth or would you have to admit you are living as if there is something else more important to you? None of us gets this right all the time. We are fallen beings, corrupted by sin, and significantly damaged. While you will falter and you will fail, you must never stop attempting to live a life demonstrating what matters most to you. We must all do whatever we can to live intentionally, to live on purpose for the glory of God. Jesus is beautiful. Jesus is King. Jesus is love. He is worthy of all our focus and attention. He is everything. Is Jesus what matters most to you?