What Consumes You?

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It is said what has your attention has you. My experience has proven this to be true. If God has your attention, then God has you. You are a servant of the King. What if God doesn’t have your attention? What if your attention is split between many things or worse yet, anywhere but God? Is anything other than God worth your attention? Regardless of the circumstances, I can’t think of anything more important than God… ever!

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Begin with God and everything else tends to fall into place one way or another. If we want to be disciples of Jesus though, I think we must go beyond attention. We need to be consumed with God to the point we struggle to think of anything or anyone else. So, let me ask the question, what consumes you?

Devoted Christians are always hoping for a revival. They generally are referring to revival either in their church or their country. What is often missed is revival must begin with us. Until the people of God are consumed by God, how can we ever expect our church or country to exhibit traits of a revival? What we have lost in the past century or so are those individuals who are unequivocally surrendered to Christ. We’ve gotten very good at building church programs and models for growth, but we’ve lost the object of our faith. More and more I am disturbed by the cookie-cutter nature of the Western church. We’ve made it very easy to appeal to the casual seeker, but we rarely move them beyond such a point in their relationship with God.

There’s a business saying regarding training your employees. It says, “What if we spend all the money to train them and then they leave?” This is rebutted by the question, “What if we don’t train them and they stay?” I find this applicable to the modern church. What if we make the church so friendly to casual and/or social Christians, and we never admonish them to move their faith to a deeper level? What if they all stay? The obvious and heartbreaking answer is we’ll create dozens of large churches consumed by socially and politically correct activities that bear almost no resemblance to the Savior who bled and died on their behalf.

We have got to wake up! We are consumed with everything except God. Want proof? How much time did you spend today lost in the beauty of your Creator? How much time did you devote to prayer, Bible study, and talking to others about Jesus? You can rationalize all you want, but the truth is staring us all in the face. We aren’t anywhere near as devoted and surrendered to Christ as we say we are. If we understood the power, beauty, love, mercy, and grace of God we could not help but share it. It would burst from within our souls uncontrollably. We aren’t consumed. We are barely interested. Jesus demands complete devotion. He’s calling you to it today. The question still lingers in the air: “What Consumes you?”