How Big is Your God?

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How big is your God? Do you believe He can cure any sickness, heal any wound, solve any problem, and handle any situation? Do you believe that He can? Never forget the God who lives inside You, the God who sacrificed His Son for you, the One who is always acting for you is the same God who created everything in the world around you.

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He is the same God who sustains the universe moment by moment, who feeds the birds of the air and the fish of the sea. He is the One who provides for His creation, sustains its life, and blesses it for His glory. This is a God who knows no impossibility. He is our rock, our refuge, and our provider. Do you see God this way, or is He somehow smaller to you?

It’s easy to believe God is all-powerful when life is going to plan. It’s easy to accept His love when we are feeling loved. When everything is right in our world, it’s easy to believe in a big God. But what happens to our image of God when things start going a bit sideways in life? If you are anything like me, your instinct is to quickly begin calculating what you can do to right the ship. We begin acting in our own power and wisdom to try and sort out the situation. While we still believe in our big God, our actions show Him to be much smaller as we shove Him into a corner while we try and figure things out.

For me, this isn’t a conscious decision, but conscious or not, it plays out the same. I’ll still pray (usually!) about the situation but I am quick to end the prayer, so I can get back to problem-solving. When we do this, we severely underestimate how big our God is. We neglect to take advantage of all the power we have at our fingertips. The results of small God thinking are always frustration, stress, and helplessness. It makes sense, because at the end of the day, whether we like to admit it or not, we are helpless without God. We have no hope outside of His love, mercy, grace, and provision.

How big is your God? Do you see Him for who He is, or do you limit Him to your own understanding and power? God is not small. You can’t create a world like this, much less the universe around us, with small power or small thinking. Our God is immeasurably huge. We cannot begin to fathom His power, ways, or capabilities. Even if we can’t grasp the enormity of God, we must remember to lean on Him in both times of trouble and times of celebration. He is the Lord of all things in our lives, not just the good or just the bad. There is no situation in which He will not come through. There is no circumstance you face that you will ever face alone. He is there. He is in control. He’s got you, and He’s got this, whatever this may be in this moment for you. Do you believe it? How big is your God?