The title of this blog was taken from a new bridge (written by Aaron Pelsue) to the classic song “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”. Simply stated, “Even if I walk alone, this I choose to do. I will not look back I’ll follow no one else but you.” That is the origin and mission of this blog.

Some of the ideas here will not be popular, but they will always come from a heart that burns passionately for Jesus Christ. This is a place to learn how to repent of modern Christianity and instead live life as a follower of Jesus. My one desire is to serve Him and to carry out the mission He gave us to do. That mission is to feed the hungry, care for the poor, cry out against injustice and to look after the orphans and widows. Following Jesus requires an active faith, one in which we surrender our hands and feet to be wholly used for His purposes.

We must love as Jesus loved, and live as Jesus lived. That is who i am and what this blog is all about. Even if i walk alone…

  • desiray lewis

    I love the title of this site for one reason “EVEN if I walk alone” that title says it sall because many times I know I feel as though I am walking alone but I know Jesus is with me but man does not walk with me. And God is helping me to get a grasp on that. It’s not easy walking alone but as long as we please the Father it doesn’t matter when it seems as if we are walking alone. AMEN

    • Amen indeed. Thanks Desiray. You are an encouragement to me.

  • Tim, I would like to print your blog “Putting God First” in a devotional guide I am making for our local Free Will Baptist congregation. Do I have your permission to do so?

    • Hi Bill! Thanks for your interest in the blog. I have replied to you privately via email. Thanks for reading!

      • Silas

        Dear Brothers and Sisters Through taking out time to Pass through this Blog you will find We are coming together us One Body In his Love No Selfishness, we will kip walk Us Team Work, May His Love Bide us Together, May he continue to reveal Himself to my Brother Tim for allowing himself to be used with Holy Spirit, I Silas From Kenya

  • Ty

    I just read your blog on walking alone with Christ and I have to say it helped me. Going through some family issues and l just refuse to compromise. I choose to love but not compromise… And with that I find I am alone a lot. Thank you for this it gave comfort to my spirit.

    • Hey Ty! I’m thrilled you found some of what’s written here to be helpful. The title is really a misnomer of course, because we are never alone. God is truly an ever present help in our struggles.

      If I can help, listen, or pray in any way to provide support in what you are going through, please let me know. If you wish to respond in private you can email at tim@evenifiwalkalone.com.

  • Silas

    I would love to have
    Freewill and the Sovereignty of God, Part I Please
    is very important as a believer to understand Free Will ? Help me to study Part 1?

  • Robert Lloyd Russell

    I appreciate your gift and ministry for our Lord.
    As an introduction to a series I am planning to do on my “Abundant Life Now” blog I would like permission to reprint one of your posts (with credit, of course). What is your policy regarding that?
    In His Service,