The title of this blog was taken from a new bridge (written by Aaron Pelsue) to the classic song “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”. Simply stated, “Even if I walk alone, this I choose to do. I will not look back I’ll follow no one else but you.” That is the origin and mission of this blog.

Some of the ideas here will not be popular, but they will always come from a heart that burns passionately for Jesus Christ. This is a place to learn how to repent of modern Christianity and instead live life as a follower of Jesus. My one desire is to serve Him and to carry out the mission He gave us to do. That mission is to feed the hungry, care for the poor, cry out against injustice and to look after the orphans and widows. Following Jesus requires an active faith, one in which we surrender our hands and feet to be wholly used for His purposes.

We must love as Jesus loved, and live as Jesus lived. That is who i am and what this blog is all about. Even if i walk alone…