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There is much pain and loneliness in the world. Every day people disappoint us. It’s difficult to keep your head up and keep going. It seems so easy to forget how much God loves us; we forget this is the only thing that matters. We love Jesus because He first loved us.

only Jesus,grace,peace,love,favor,rejection,criticism,loneliness,mercy,righteousness,Genesis 1:27,created in God's image,Deuteronomy 31:6; Hebrews 13:5,never leave us or fasake,Proverbs 18:24,closer than a brother,Jesus

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When we come to understand who He is and what He has done for us, we cannot help but love Him more than we love anyone or anything else. None compare to Jesus. When we live in this truth, the disappointments and discouragements of this world begin to matter less. Only Jesus is worthy of our affection.

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I was recently intrigued by a thought passing through my brain: “The excess I have belongs to those in need.” It’s not the most comfortable thought to consider. I like a little excess. I appreciate the peace and comfort it affords. Yet how can I hold onto more than I need when there are those in the world suffering in abject poverty? One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Proverbs 30:8 which says, “Give me just enough for today.”

our excess,comfort,security,faith,commitment,priorities,retirement,Proverbs 30:8,give me just enough for today,Matthew 6:9-12,our daily bread,Luke 12:16-21,store up treasures in barns,Acts 2:44-45,shared with anyone in need,had all things in common,Leviticus 23:22,don't glean to edges,Luke 18:18-23,rich young ruler

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The author states if he has too much, he will take it all for granted and forget God’s provision in his life. If he has too little, he may be tempted to steal to acquire what he needs. The sweet spot is having just enough for today. Any excess should be shared with others.

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In whom or what do you place your trust? Followers of Jesus are quick to answer that we trust in God alone. I wonder how true that really is for you. Who or what in your life keeps you from placing your complete trust in your Creator? I know the way I live often betrays my assertion that I trust God for everything.  If I really trusted God, would I be making so many plans to eliminate as much risk as possible from my life? If my trust was complete, would I spend late nights worrying about circumstances over which I have no control?

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Those who identify themselves as Christians no doubt would readily say that they trust in God. The American pledge of allegiance says, “In God we trust”. But I wonder how much most of us truly trust Him. I think more often than not, we hope that He is in control and that He will take care of us, but do we live our lives in a way that demonstrates our reliance on Him? If you’re like me, it seems we spend most of our time trying to control the circumstances around us and calling out to God when things start to get a little too deep. The truth is we are in over our heads every day that we live. We are out of control in a half-mad world, and we desperately need Him every moment of our lives.

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