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To live a life worth living, you must know Jesus is the truth and Satan is a liar. Until you understand this beyond an intellectual level, you will struggle and continue to live an ineffective life for the Kingdom of God. Every sin, every distraction, every temptation in your life started with you believing what the devil told you. Let me assure you, as the father of lies (John 8:44), everything coming out of his mouth is a lie.

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You never should wonder if it might be true, it isn’t. Conversely, anything Jesus says is an absolute and undeniable truth. You never should wonder about this either. Jesus is the truth and Satan is a liar.

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One of the saddest verses in the Bible is Matthew 9:37, where Jesus told His disciples the world is desperate for hope and healing, but few are willing to go and help. Two thousand years later, the problem persists. The effects of sin are all around us. Evil manifests in unthinkable ways while the Church sits idly on the sidelines.

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We make token efforts, shake our heads, and wag our fingers, but still very few go out and spread the truth and love of Christ to our world. There is much anger and violence swirling around us. If we don’t go and tell them good news of Jesus, who will?

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Truth; what is truth? Perhaps more importantly, why should we care? Wouldn’t it be easier if we all just went our own way doing whatever seemed best to us? Wouldn’t life be more fun and enjoyable without the pesky notion of truth getting in the way and demanding a response from us? But then again, most of us live as this is the case. We hide the truth because uncovered it convicts us.

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We distort it because otherwise it is too piercing and painful. Worse still, we know it, acknowledge it, but have the audacity to ignore it. The truth is we don’t want to live by the truth because we’d rather believe a lie.
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