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Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “Every new morning is a new beginning of our life. Every day is a completed whole. The present day should be the boundary of our care and striving (Matthew 6:34; James 4:14). It is long enough for us to find or lose God, to keep the faith or fall into sin and shame.” I find his words to be at once both inspiring and motivating.

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In the American culture in which I live, there is much emphasis on long-term planning. We plan for retirement and financial independence. We make 5, 10, even 20-year plans for our lives, all the while knowing Jesus called it foolishness as none of us has a guarantee of even tomorrow (Luke 12:13-21). It leads me to believe we as disciples of Jesus are getting it all wrong.

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Worrying is always about something in the future that may or may not happen. It’s never about what is going on right now. Perhaps that’s why Jesus told us not to worry (Matthew 6:25-34). He wants us to be focused on His mission, right here, and right now. When we look too far into the future, we miss the millions of moments and interactions that are going on around us right now.

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As Jesus said, none of us by worrying can add single year to our lives (Matthew 6:27). Notice, He didn’t instruct us not to plan. Planning is a good and responsible thing (Luke 14:28). But worrying isn’t planning.
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When I can, I like to take a long quiet walk in the early morning. The newness of the day reminds me how majestic the whole of God’s creation truly is. In the peacefulness, my goal is to spend little time talking to God, and most of it simply taking in the breathtaking beauty of nature and listening to His voice. I generally start with a quick prayer of gratitude and then lay out what is on my mind. Then I simply walk and listen. Today I learned a lot about seeking God. It’s ironic that I learned more about seeking in just a few minutes of listening than I have in the hours I have spent busying myself attempting to seek Him.

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